Discovering Getsemaní: Cartagena's Vibrant and Dynamic Neighbourhood


2/7/20241 min read


Getsemaní in Cartagena is considered "cool" for several reasons:

  1. Bohemian Vibe: Getsemaní exudes a bohemian atmosphere that appeals to travelers seeking an alternative, offbeat experience. Its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and vibrant street art create an eclectic and artsy ambiance.

  2. Street Art: The neighborhood is renowned for its impressive street art scene. Visitors can wander through the streets and discover murals and graffiti that reflect social and political themes, as well as expressions of local culture and history.

  3. Cultural Diversity: Getsemaní is a melting pot of cultures and influences. It's a place where locals, expats, and travelers from all over the world come together, creating a dynamic and diverse community.

  4. Nightlife: Getsemaní comes alive at night with its bustling nightlife scene. The main square, Plaza de la Trinidad, is a hub of activity, offering open-air bars, live music, and street performances. It's a popular spot for both locals and tourists to socialize and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

  5. Boutique Hotels and Hostels: Getsemaní is home to a range of boutique hotels and hostels that cater to travelers looking for unique and personalized accommodations. These establishments often feature stylish decor, rooftop terraces, and social spaces where guests can connect with fellow travelers.

  6. Culinary Scene: The neighborhood boasts a diverse culinary scene, with restaurants serving up a mix of traditional Colombian dishes, international cuisine, and fusion fare. Visitors can indulge in delicious food and drinks while soaking in the lively atmosphere of Getsemaní.

Overall, Getsemaní's combination of artistic flair, cultural diversity, and vibrant energy make it a "cool" and captivating neighborhood to explore in Cartagena.

- Angie